Mass shooting leaves at least 15 injured, 2 critically, at Halloween party in Chicago


At least 15 people fell victim, two critically, to a mass shooting during a Halloween celebration in Chicago as a gunman opened fire on the city’s West Side. The victims were comprised of 6 women and 9 men ranging in age from 26 to 53 years old; two were rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Partygoers told the outlet that a fight broke out in the backyard and one of the individuals involved was asked to leave; after refusing to leave, the man allegedly began shooting. ABC News reported that police who responded to the shooting saw a male suspect firing rounds into the crowd before fleeing on foot. The suspect, who has not been identified, was later arrested, and a firearm was recovered by officers.

10th District CPD Commander William Betancourt said: “Victims relate that the suspect was ejected from the party, and came back a few minutes later and began to shoot.” Alderwoman Monique Scott, who represents the 24th Ward, also spoke at Sunday afternoon’s press conference: “I don’t know whether to scream or to cry. We shouldn’t be out here on a Sunday because somebody couldn’t get into a party.”

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